The History of Ginseng

Ginseng flowerPanax ginseng dates back over 5000 years ago in China. Originally is was most likely used as a food but it was quickly recognized for its rejuvenating powers and used in herbal remedies.

By the third century AD China the international demand for ginseng was great because others had recognized the ginseng health benefits. It became a very tradable commodity. But by the early 1900s the demand had outstripped the supply that was available in the wild, so commercial cultivation began so that there would be enough available for herbal remedies.

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Today ginseng is as popular as it was in the past. It is recognized not only for its rejuvenating powers, but for its other medicinal qualities as well. Herbal Remedies made with ginseng are plentiful.

What is it exactly?

So what is ginseng you ask? It is the dried root of one of the many araliaceae family members. The most common is the panax ginseng which comes from Asia and is often marketed as Panax. Panax quinquefolius L the American ginseng is very closely related to the Asian ginseng.

Even a cup of ginseng tea can provide results. Ginseng health benefits are numerous! Ginseng is unique because it affects the entire body and works to balance yin and yang.

Common folk easily recognize the value of ginseng herbal remedies and the benefits to the body. Even science has jumped on the band wagon conducting several studies. It’s often difficult to get the scientific world to believe what a herb can do, but with Ginseng there is no question.

Drink it as a tea

Ginseng rootA cup of ginseng tea is an excellent balance for the body. Or if you prefer you can take a herbal remedies that contain ginseng. A regular dosage of ginseng will help maintain and restore cellular function which can reduce many of the symptoms of aging.

Ginseng also improves muscle tone, decreases blood sugar levels, and balances the metabolism as well as balancing and maintaining hormone levels.

Chinese medicine also recognizes ginseng for its ability to improve memory and vitality, extend endurance, remove stress, fight fatigue, boost the immune system so it can better fight disease, aid insomnia, and prevent headaches. It has also been used to improve sexual dysfunction, open the mind, and to strengthen the body.

29 ginsenocides

There are 29 ginsenocides also called panaxosides that have been identified as active ingredients in ginseng. It is a powerful anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and anti convulsant. As well it contains several steroid compounds that are very similar to anabolic steroids found naturally in the body.

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