Gingko Biloba

The Ginkgo biloba tree

Leaf gingko bilobaHistory of Gingko Biloba and Using a Gingko Biloba Herbal Remedy

Gingko biloba is commonly used by TCM or traditional Chinese medicine. Taking a gingko biloba herbal remedy is a wise decision.

Gingko biloba is the oldest tree in the world. It can be traced back a whopping 250 million years. That’s why it is often referred to as a living fossil. Gingko belongs to the class of the Ginkgophytes which has a link to the ferns and angiosperms.

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The last surviving Gingkos are found in the south east corner of China.
It has a deep symbolic history in the east as a symbolic and sacred form. Ginkgo is now propagated throughout the world because of its beauty, its resistance to adverse conditions, and because of the medicinal interest it has generated.

In the West, Ginkgo is being seriously investigated for its medicinal value and active medicinal compounds. We’ve all heard how it helps memory but that is only one of the many potential benefits Gingko has to offer.

History of Gingko Biloba

biloba produceThe powers of Ginkgo have been recognized since early times. Many medical treatises of the past refer to the seeds and the leaves in various medicinal formulas. Gingko biloba is a core of traditional Chinese medicine or TCM with its documented history dating back 3500 years.

Some of the traditional uses of ginkgo included respiratory issues such as asthma, wheezing, or coughing. It was also used to stop incontinence, and for digestive problems. A gingko biloba herbal remedy was used for intestinal worms and gonorrhea. It was also used for poor circulation and to cure depression and dementia, as well as for inner ear problems such as tinnitus or vertigo.

You can quickly see that TCM used gingko to treat many ailments. So why the interest in modern times? Because research has shown gingko to be a powerful herb!

It clears up the mind

In Europe Ginkgo is used extensively to fight dementia and just recently Germany approved it for treating dementia. Gingko is the fifth most popular prescription medicine in Germany.

Did you catch that? It’s a prescription medicine, recognized for its healing abilities. Even the WHO has had positive results in their studies. The American Geriatric Society has stated that “Ginkgo biloba may help people suffering from Alzheimer’s.”

Ginkgo biloba is a powerful antioxidant that appears to be able to protect the brain from degeneration over time. Other antioxidants such as Vitamin E may have a similar effect but the studies have not been done. Gingko also increases the cerebral blood flow bringing more nutrients to the brain and making it better able to regulate the brain.

Gingko has shown good results in treating patients who have mental problems that are associated with circulation issues. These are issues such as memory loss, dementia, and Alzheimer’s. It has also shown positive results in the prevention of these diseases.

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