Cordyceps Extract is a Powerful Aphrodisiac

Root of cordycepsCordyceps is a rare and treasured herb that has been used in herbal extracts by TCM for thousands of years. It is found only in a few isolated places in southwestern China. The cordyceps extract became known in the west as a powerful aphrodisiac but it has plenty of other benefits as well.

The highest quality comes from the wild, but because it is so rare it is now being cultivated. However the quality of the cultivated cordyceps is much lower. Wild cordyceps can cost up to $1000 per hundred grams. Ouch! The best in the world comes from Tibet.

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Wild versus Cultivated

Scientific studies have shown that wild version is richer in certain components than the cultivated herb. The proportions of the active ingredients have also shown to be different in the cultivated herb. No matter with the wild cordyceps being so rare, cultivated is still at a premium and it is used to make cordyceps extract.

Is it a aphrodisiac?

Cordyceps extract became famous in America when studies at Beijing Medical University found herbal extracts of cordyceps to be a powerful aphrodisiac. It had a 64% success rate among men suffering from impotence.

Use of Cordyceps in the past

However in ancient time cordyceps herbal extracts were used for many illnesses and conditions. It was also recognized for its anti aging capabilities. Herbal extracts would help build body strength, improve organic function, and strengthen the immune system. They were also recognized for the longevity they were able to bring.

Tell me again, what is it exactly

So are you wondering what exactly cordyceps is? It is a Chinese mushroom that since ancient times was used by TCM to protect the lungs and reproductive organs, as well as to balance Oi which is the energy of live. It is often referred to as the Chinese caterpillar fungus because it is a parasitic organism that grows on a rare Tibetan caterpillar. When the caterpillar dies the mushroom sprouts from the head. Oh yuck! That’s not very appetizing is it?

Don’t worry modern cultivated cordyceps is not the pulverized head of the caterpillar that is used but rather the strain is grown on soybeans or other less nutrient sources.

Todays Use

To this day the herbal extracts made from cordyceps are still recognized for the relief they bring to asthma sufferers, their ability to increase lung function, as well as their ability to boost libido and improve athletic performance.

The cordyceps extract could very easily be the next ginseng if it wasn’t so expensive. It reports many of the same qualities as ginseng does.

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